Best Flooring Options for a Restaurant

When choosing the best flooring for your restaurant, you must be considerate of every type of person who will talk through your doors, from hungry guests to the waiters and chefs that keep the eatery running smoothly. Let’s take a look at a few different types of flooring that work well in a restaurant setting! […]

Choosing Flooring for a Restaurant Remodel

Your restaurant is your livelihood, and it’s important you make the best design choices possible. Flooring is not just something you need to fit your restaurant’s aesthetic, but you also need a floor that’s durable and will hold up to wear, be easy to clean, and be safe for employees and customers to walk on. […]

Selecting the right flooring for a Restaurant

Restaurants may be one of the most diverse businesses when it comes to flooring selection. Most restaurants require different flooring in different zones, and take safety into consideration. Selection goes far beyond simple aesthetics, both the guests, as well as the employees must be considered in the process. From an aesthetics point of view, flooring […]