Best Flooring Options for an Aircraft Hangar

We know that pilots would rather be up in the clouds, but for better or worse, you have to come back down to Earth at some point. When you do, your air hangar needs the proper flooring. Let’s take a look at which elements you can look for in air hangar flooring. What Needs Does […]

How Can I Completely Waterproof My Locker Room?

Locker rooms require a higher level of waterproofing than other rooms. For obvious reasons. So what are the best options for waterproofing a locker room? Here’s all you need to know: What Kinds of Waterproofing Options are Out There? Epoxy coatings are the ideal waterproofing option, not only for your floors, but for your walls […]

Hospitals Flooring Solutions

Flooring Solutions for Hospitals With Dragon Scale Flooring Hospitals offer interesting challenges when it comes to their flooring needs. Not only should the floors be lovely to look at, but they should also be able to stand up to the harsh realities of daily hospital activities. Today we’re going to be talking through the different […]

Use Rubaroc for Your Outdoor Play Spaces

You’re looking to build a playground. You know you want a slide, some swings, and maybe a jungle gym. But what kind of base or floor should you use? Could Rubaroc be the answer? Lets go over why you should consider using Rubaroc for your outdoor space. Why is Rubaroc Perfect for Play Areas? Rubaroc […]

Hardwood Floors are “In” But For How Long?

Have you ever wondered why hardwood floors are so popular? It seems like, over the decades hardwood flooring has dominated the flooring material market. It continues to be trendy, even as other interior design materials come and go. It seems to be adaptable to any style, and any room. However, is hardwood flooring going to […]

Flooring Trends to Watch for in 2018

As we approach the new year, we also approach new and exciting trends sweeping the design world. Flooring is an integral part of interior design, and follows trends the same way everything else does. Many seem to ignore the importance of these trends, until it’s too late, and their flooring is hopelessly outdated. Remember shag […]

Best Type of Flooring for a Gym?

Are you looking to turn a room in your home into a personal at-home workout space or gym? Maybe you’re looking into starting your own business running a gym with paying customers? Either way here are the different types of flooring which work great for a gym and the pros and cons of each. Concrete […]

What Flooring is Best for my Basement?

There is no one right answer for the “best” flooring for every basement. Each flooring type has its pros and cons, but when it comes to basements some flooring types do work better. If you’re looking to finally finish off your basement, or want to give your basement a face-lift, here are some things to […]

Selecting the right flooring for a Restaurant

Restaurants may be one of the most diverse businesses when it comes to flooring selection. Most restaurants require different flooring in different zones, and take safety into consideration. Selection goes far beyond simple aesthetics, both the guests, as well as the employees must be considered in the process. From an aesthetics point of view, flooring […]