Decorative Concrete

Dragon Scale is proud to offer decorative concrete applications. With the help of our experienced installers, your office, bathroom, garage, or other special areas will not only look great but will also be built to last. Here’s what you need to know about decorative concrete from Dragon Scale. Acid Stains vs. Epoxy When you opt […]

Best Flooring Options for an Aircraft Hangar

We know that pilots would rather be up in the clouds, but for better or worse, you have to come back down to Earth at some point. When you do, your air hangar needs the proper flooring. Let’s take a look at which elements you can look for in air hangar flooring. What Needs Does […]

How Can I Completely Waterproof My Locker Room?

Locker rooms require a higher level of waterproofing than other rooms. For obvious reasons. So what are the best options for waterproofing a locker room? Here’s all you need to know: What Kinds of Waterproofing Options are Out There? Epoxy coatings are the ideal waterproofing option, not only for your floors, but for your walls […]

Epoxy Vs. Polyaspartic: You Decide

When it comes to a finishing coat for your floor in a commercial space, Epoxy floor coating and Polyaspartic finishers are both quite popular. Each substance stands out for different reasons and, naturally, each one has its own failings. Today we’re going to dive into what sets these two materials apart as well as what […]

Get Your Pool Ready With a New Pool Coating

Is your pool looking a little worse for wear? A little rough around the edges? If your pool’s concrete coating is starting to look a little worse for the wear it may be time to replace it. Concrete coatings can go on many surfaces beyond just flooring. One of the best uses it in pools. […]

Unique Flooring Solutions for a Showroom

What’s the point of showing off beautiful merchandise if your floor detracts from the appeal? A dirty, dingy, or less-than-appropriate flooring in a showroom can make a huge difference. A good flooring choice is one that matches the beauty and sophistication of what you’re showcasing. When it comes to flooring choices, you have a wide […]