Asbestos Encapsulation and You

If you’ve heard of asbestos before, you’re probably well aware that it’s not something you ever want to have in your home. Asbestos is a mineral substance that occurs naturally as small fibers. These fibers are flexible, soft, and resistant to heat and electricity. It is a very effective insulator and can be mixed into […]

Your Guide to HTC from Dragon Scale Flooring

Dragon Scale is proud to carry the full line of HTC Professional Floor Systems for rental and for purchase. These state of the art concrete prep and polishing systems are perfect for anyone who needs quality concrete maintenance equipment. Let’s take a look at what we offer here at Dragon Scale and how you can […]

Importance of Concrete Preparation When Installing Epoxy

Epoxy is an inexpensive and durable solution for garage flooring. It looks great, lasts long and can be an easy DIY project, right? That’s where many homeowners make a mistake. Application of the epoxy coating appears to be simple enough, and if you don’t worry about perfection, you can probably apply epoxy yourself. However, what […]