Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Although the bathroom is where most homeowners start and finish each day, this frequently used space is often overlooked when considering home improvement projects. If you have been considering a bathroom remodel, the first thing you will need to do is plan for it. Check out these tips for planning a successful bathroom remodeling project. […]

Why Use a Warming Towel Rack

amba towel rack

Ever taken a super relaxing shower, only to step out and it feels like you’re at the North Pole? If so, then you already know why investing in a towel warming rack is a good idea. At Dragon Scale Inc., we provide Maryland homeowners with a lot of towel racks, many of them heated ones, […]

Our Top 5 Powder Room Design Ideas

Powder rooms tend to be smaller than restrooms, and because of this their designs need to be efficient. Here at Dragon Scale Inc., we’ve been helping Marylanders out with our bathroom remodeling services. We took some time today to talk about five of the top powder room design ideas we’ve been implementing for Maryland homeowners. […]

July 4th Giveaway for Disabled Veterans

As we turn the page on the month of June, the entire Dragon Scale Inc. team is counting down the days until we get to team up with Best Bath to provide a free shower kit and installation for a disabled veteran in need. Enter Now As a veteran-owned and operated business, we are honored to support one […]