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Rubber Flooring Features and Benefits

Rubber flooring is an innovative rubber safety coating made of polymer resin mixed with rubber. This coating can be installed over virtually any solid surface, interior or exterior, even if it’s cracked or uneven. Rubber Flooring offers many benefits and has numerous applications in both residential and commercial settings.

Slip Resistance = Safety

Rubber Flooring boasts one of the highest coefficients of friction (COF) on the floor coatings market. This means that it can greatly reduce slip and fall accidents in a variety of settings, such as swimming pools, amusement park splash pads, playgrounds, or in the workplace. And if a fall does happen, the soft and smooth Rubber Flooring surface will help minimize the impact and reduce injury. Rubber Flooring is one of the most innovative non-slip flooring options available on the market.

Customizable = Fits Your Style

Rubber Flooring comes in a variety of colors guaranteed to match or compliment virtually any interior or exterior flooring. In addition to standard mixes and custom colors, you can also choose to enhance your Rubber Flooring coating with custom design work, such as a logo or a pattern.

Durability = Money Savings

Rubber Flooring comes with a 10-Year Warranty because it’s designed to last for decades. This material has been around for over 30 years, and the original jobs completed with it still stand strong. Despite its seemingly soft surface, Rubber Flooring is tough and can tolerate impact, wear and tear to a great extent. It is also chemically stable and can withstand harsh environments, whether it’s pool chemicals or frequent sanitation. If something does happen to the rubber flooring surface, the damaged part can usually be cut out and seamlessly patched.

Flexibility = Use it Year Round

Rubber Flooring is designed to expand and contract with sub-surface up to 40%. This makes it ideal for any climate, even the climate with distinct seasons and freeze-thaw cycles. The flexibility also comes handy when you need to install Rubber Flooring over an uneven surface that may shift further. With proper application, rubber flooring will hold its shape and smooth surface no matter how damaged the underlying surface is.

Superior Bonding = Versatility of Use

Rubber Flooring can create a strong bond with any solid base material such as concrete, asphalt, tarmac, brick, chipboard, epoxy stone, crushed aggregate, wood, and even metals like steel and aluminum. This incredible versatility creates opportunities for many different uses of Rubber Flooring on your residential or commercial property, indoor and outdoor flooring alike.

UV Stability = Lasting Beauty

Many concrete and asphalt coatings will eventually fade under the sun, but Rubber Flooring won’t. Its unique formula helps maintain its color under the harshest sunlight. This means any custom colors or designs you choose to implement on your surface will remain vibrant for a long time.

Heat Absorption = More Comfort

Speaking of the harsh sunlight, East Coast summers can be brutal, and you don’t have to live in Florida to feel the heat. Rubber Flooring doesn’t conduct heat, which means it will stay 15-20 degrees cooler than asphalt, concrete, or a similar surface on a hot summer day, making it comfortable to walk barefoot.

Non-Porous = Sanitary & Low Maintenance

Rubber Flooring is made of closed-cell polymer, which means it leaves no nooks and crevices for dirt and bacteria to accumulate in. This smooth surface makes for easy maintenance and sanitary conditions. It also helps dampen any noise, which is a nice feature for large commercial spaces.

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