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Polished Concrete Flooring

Dragon Scale Flooring can lay and polish concrete flooring as well as polish your existing concrete slab. If you are considering polished concrete flooring and need a reliable installer, you can trust our 40+ years of experience in the flooring industry. Whether you are in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC or in another East Cost state, we’ll be happy to help!

How Polished Concrete is Made

To understand how and why concrete is polished, you first need to understand how concrete is made. Concrete is typically a mix of cement, air, sand, water and coarse aggregate. The aggregate can consist of gravel or crushed stone and accounts for about 40% of the concrete mix. When concrete flooring is poured, it’s usually topped with a wear layer made of cement paste and very fine aggregate. This rough-looking wear layer can be ground down and polished smooth to reveal the cross-sections of the coarse aggregate inside the concrete.
At Dragon Scale Flooring, we can control the depth of the grinding and the shine of the resulting finish. We can grind down to the aggregate or we can simply polish the wear layer to create a smooth surface it all depends on what you are looking for!

Benefits of Polished Concrete

There are many reasons why polished concrete is so popular in so many residential and commercial applications from industrial factories and retail stores to office buildings, garages, hotel lobbies, and warehouses. Consider these benefits of polished concrete:

  • It’s cost-effective because you don’t have to lay any other flooring on top of polished concrete.
  • It’s clean and doesn’t attract or trap allergens, dirt, and pollutants.
  • It’s naturally anti-static.
  • It can withstand high traffic and doesn’t show marks from heavy equipment use.
  • It’s a breeze to clean as there are no grooves or dents for the dirt to collect in.
  • It will last a long time and can be re-polished as needed.
  • It’s slick, modern, and attractive.
  • Its shiny surface helps maximize the effect of natural light.
  • It doesn’t off-gas VOCs and doesn’t need any adhesives or toxic topcoats.
  • It can be stained or designed to match your color scheme.

Flooring Brands We Carry

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had dealing with Dragon Scale Flooring, I would recommend them without hesitation.

Polished Concrete That Shines

So if you have an existing concrete slab, you could be walking on a gem that just needs a little polishing. If you are interested in polished concrete flooring, give us a call or contact us online for an estimate.