Urethane (polyurethane) Flooring

Benefits of Using Urethane and Polyurethane Flooring

We offer urethane and polyurethane flooring as a clear coat and finish on top of a variety of floor surfaces. These floorings can be applied to epoxy, concrete slabs, and other floors.

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Polyurethane and urethane flooring have been increasingly used as a coating and finish of choice for various kinds of floor surfaces. This is simply because of the many benefits this type of flooring offers. Here is a look at some of the key benefits offered by polyurethane and urethane floor finish:

  • Versatile: Urethane and polyurethane floor finishes are incredibly versatile. These can be applied in warehouses, factories, garages and to any other flooring.
  • Resistant to Damage: Polyurethane floor finish is very resistant to damage from UV exposure, chemical spillage, and abrasion. This makes it particularly suitable for floors that see rough use or a lot of outdoor exposure.
  • Clearcoat Applications: Both polyurethane and urethane floor finishes can be used effectively for clear coat application on epoxy and other flooring types.
  • Maintenance Friendly: Urethane floor finishes typically have a glossy finish. This makes them look great while also allowing you to clean and maintain it with little effort. 

Why Choose Our Polyurethane Floor Installation Services?

Here at Dragon Scale Inc, we are a veteran-owned company with a reputation for service quality and reliability. We serve the entire East Coast. In addition to installing polyurethane and urethane flooring services, we also sell both types of flooring.

Here are some of the reasons we stand apart from the competition:

  • Trained and Certified: All our installers and employees who work on polyurethane and urethane flooring are fully trained and certified. This means that we use only experts on our flooring projects.
  • Established and Trusted: We have been established and in business for over 40 years. This is why we are among the most trusted companies for polyurethane floor installation along the East Coast.
  • Veteran-Owned: We are a veteran-owned company, and we are committed to values of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. These values are reflected in all the flooring installation projects we undertake.
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Hire Experts for Applying Polyurethane to Floors

Here at Dragon Scale Inc, we offer polyurethane and urethane flooring as well as installation for:

  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia,
  • Washington, DC 
  • The rest of the East Coast

If you live anywhere along the East Coast and want a reliable contractor for applying polyurethane to floors, look no further. Our experts can handle projects of all types and sizes. Call us now at 844-237-3566 or fill out the online form for a FREE estimate. 


Before the installation of our epoxy flooring in our garage our garage was an unsightly mess. We called upon Dragon Scale Flooring for help, they installed a 100% solids epoxy with decorative Quartz and made our garage beautiful. Not only was the flooring beautiful but the individuals that did the installation were professional, neat, paid attention to detail , they helped us choose the best color for our needs and followed up after the installation to make sure we were happy with the job. I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had dealing with Dragon Scale Flooring, I would recommend them without hesitation.
Love our quartz epoxy floor. Now my wife is constantly on me to keep the garage clean, which is very easy to do these days. Great product, hassle free installation.
Dragonscale is an excellent company. They just put flooring in my newly renovated 1600 Sq ft basement. Excellent install. I rate them a 10!
Nora Seymour-Berry
The carpet and tiles look amazing! The tiles look even better than I expected!
I love my new floor!
Your guys were terrific. Really know their stuff! Very informative and helpful with tips to keep this floor looking Great! Thanks again for the follow up on this and the reasonable pricing for the re-coat!
My name is Keith. I have started a position as facilities manager and will assume the directors role at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh Pa. Your company installed an epoxy coat floor in our commissary area in recent history and we are pleased with outcome. We would like budget pricing on another area in the facility.
I’m glad I went with you. My floor looks great and I enjoyed being in my garage last winter building my Harley-Davidson Road King.

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