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Rubaroc has an incredible array of applications including interior, exterior, commercial and residential uses. Here we detail some of the benefits of Rubaroc installation and how to get started today!

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Dragon Scale Inc started out as a flooring services company, and while we’ve since expanded our service offerings, we’ve stayed true to what our services were built on while adapting to new technologies and services.

We’ve become the leading experts in Rubaroc installation for locations and settings of all types. Rubaroc, which is a rubberized floor coating,  is one of the newest and most versatile technologies to hit the world of flooring in years, and we’re your Rubaroc installation experts for any residential, commercial, or industrial needs you may have.

What People Love About Rubaroc: From Rubaroc Reviews

Rubaroc is one of the easiest to maintain and longest lasting surfaces in the flooring world. Here are just the few of the benefits:

Slip Resistant: rubaroc has one of the highest coefficients of friction on the floor coatings market today. This makes it an excellent choice for swimming pools and the workplace.

Customizable: one of the most prominent comments in Rubaroc reviews is its variety of colors. With a host of colors to choose from, Rubaroc is one of the most customizable flooring materials on today’s market.

Durable: rubaroc comes with a 10-year warranty, although many of the original projects completed over 30 years ago are still standing strong today. This is because it’s built to last, which means less upkeep costs and more savings in the long run.

Flexible: rubaroc expands and contracts based on climate conditions, which makes it extremely flexible for both interior and exterior use.

High bonding strength: rubaroc creates an incredibly strong bond with concrete, wood, asphalt, steel, and more, which makes it an ideal choice for any surface.

UV stability: with a high resistance to intense UV light, Rubaroc will remain vibrant and colorful for years to come.

Heat absorbing: one of the most popular comments in Rubaroc reviews is its heat-absorbing qualities. Rubaroc absorbs heat to remain 15-20 degrees cooler than asphalt or concrete.

Non-porous: as a non-porous material, Rubaroc is more sanitary and easier to maintain than other materials.

Rubaroc Applications: Use It Almost Anywhere

Rubaroc can be used in a variety of horizontal, vertical, indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial spaces. Some of its most common applications include swimming pool decks, garage flooring, indoor gyms, playgrounds, golf courses, and more. 

For more real-world examples of Rubaroc applications, be sure to check out our Rubaroc brochure here.

Rubaroc Color And Logo Integration

We do custom logos, too! We can integrate any company logos into flooring to help your business make a statement. Check out some examples of color and logo integration here.

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