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Quality Committed, Timely Delivered, Environmentally Driven.
Since 1983, Elias Woodwork has utilized the benefits of being located at the geographical center of North America. The progressive visions of the company’s owners to implement Lean Manufacturing and Just In Time principles, along with the eagerness to work with other companies in a wide range of industries, has allowed us to continue to be competitive in the global market.

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Elias Woodwork is quality committed to the core. From the selection of trees with suitable grain and color characteristics to the final quality control inspection before products are packaged and shipped, Elias Woodwork strives for perfection. We use the latest and best technologies available to the wood, thermofoil, acrylic and polyester manufacturing industries to ensure absolute accuracy and consistency in all steps of production. From German manufactured molding machines to Italian made flat-line spray systems, Elias Woodwork has spared no expense to bring its quality commitment to the forefront of every product offering. The combination of technology, expertise and quality control rise to the surface of every product that leaves our manufacturing facility bound for your next customer’s project.

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