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Dragon Scale delivers top-quality commercial cleaning services for all buildings and facilities. From steaming to cleaning and more, we utilize eco-friendly cleaning supplies to make your office shine!

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Your office says a lot about your company. A clean office is not only critical to create good first impressions among visitors, but also to ensure productivity and high employee morale. After all, how can your employees take pride in their work if the space in which they work isn’t clean? Professional commercial cleaning services are critical to a clean work space, and nobody takes care of your space like Dragon Scale Inc. 

As a service-disabled, veteran-owned company with over 40 years of experience, we utilize the most cutting-edge technologies throughout the cleaning process and ensure you have a safe, healthy environment for your employees and customers. 

Professional Office Cleaning With Integrity

We hold our employees to the highest standards so you can do the same for yours. Employee productivity suffers significantly when offices are unsanitary; not only does this lead to a high turnover rate, but that lack of productivity affects your bottom line. 

When you trust your professional office cleaning needs to Dragon Scale, you can rest assured we use modern and eco-friendly office cleaning supplies in order to minimize our environmental impact. 

Dragon Scale Inc. can handle all of your cleaning needs including:

Carpet cleaning and deep steams

Often times carpets go uncleaned for months or even years, all the while accumulating dust, bacteria, air impurities, food scraps, skin flakes, and more. This can significantly hurt office air quality and hinder employee productivity.

Upholstery & furniture steaming

Much like carpets, office furniture and upholstery often goes unchecked and uncleaned for months or years on end. And much like carpets, it too can collect dust, skin flakes and bacteria, spreading illness and other contaminants throughout the office. Steaming upholstery not only cleans it of impurities, but sterilizes it as well.

Dust control

Dust that accumulates on window sills and in little-used office spaces can lead to poor air quality in the office.

Carpet and floor stain removal

We know accidents happen, but nothing hurts a company’s image in the eyes of a potential customer more than a big stain in the middle of the room. Dragon Scale Inc. will get rid of the stains and help you get off on the right foot with your clients.

And more!

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Dragon Scale serves Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC and the rest of the East Coast. 

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